Let kids play in the kitchen…inspire them and be inspired by them!

August 5th, 2010 § 0

kidsI can’t stress enough that I don’t have kids so all is certainly easier said than done… but I think what I am about to say is true and I wholeheartedly believe that it is possible for all folks to indulge in the kitchen with their kids and encourage kids to indulge in the kitchen in general.

Allowing kids to have access to the kitchen (supervised of course) is one of the best learning tools for better eating, better health and better cooking skills. These skills likely lead them on to be more independent and creative and, of course, generally healthier.  Playing in the kitchen does not necessarily mean playing with food, although it can. Stavin, for instance, likes to play with spices.  I’ll give him a bunch of spices that go well together and let him mix them up , and we’ll save them in little jars for use later.  He learns about spices, smells, and flavors. Getting used to these hopefully means he will use them in his cooking someday.  Simply allowing children to work on recipes of all kinds together or with us is worth trying.  I have the luxury of having the culinary center at my disposal so I often take the kids there while babysitting for space purposes, so I can work J but also to inspire them.  We have computers here, Televisions all kinds of games, but mostly they want to play in the kitchen, so I am always sure to let them.

Kianna and Yahmina pictured above spent a Saturday making homemade bath and beauty products in the kitchen, avocado masks, mint scrubs and a bunch of other things I didn’t know! Stavin chose the dried beans and spice route. I sat reading cook books fully inspired by them. It was a harmonious day, not without some issues but certainly inspiring in the least!

Let the kids into the kitchen, they belong there too.



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